Stocking Stuffers That Ship Quickly

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I’m almost done holiday shopping. This past weekend, my husband and I had a few hours where we could get some shopping done, and we agreed we’re trying to be more intentional with gifts (in general), but stocking stuffers are important too. We don’t want to end up with a lot of useless junk. Our holiday celebrations begin this weekend, so I’m now shopping for stocking stuffers that ship quickly! Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Stocking Stuffers That Ship Quickly

Name Bubbles labels. We love Name Bubbles! Every season, I’m sticking new labels on my kids clothes, coats, water bottles, lunch boxes. Even shoes! If it can be lost, it gets labeled. And Name Bubbles last forever. My kids have the same water bottles they took to school last year, and their labels are more than a year old and still sticking strong. You can save 20% through the end of the month with the code HOLIDAY20 – but you can order this week and have them next week! My kids love the designs, and I appreciate that I can get more grown up designs as they get older. (My oldest child is becoming less kid-like, but still loses items often so labels are definitely a part our future.)

Wikki Stix. My son started playing with these in church years ago (the church provides various fidget toys for kids during their regular services.) And they’re just a great fidget item. No noise, no mess, and these are inexpensive. Great for road trips, too, if you have one coming up!

Lip balm. Who can’t use lip balm in the winter? My daughter is OBSESSED with lip balm, and the Lip Smackers are so fun for her. (Again, at the time I’m writing this, a pack is under $5.) Have a couple of kids you’re shopping for? Grab a pack, and split them between stockings.

Pencil pouches. These pencil pouches are adorable, can expand and they stand up on a desk. There are a few different animals and I am tempted to get a couple for gifts.

Fidget cubes. Again, this is a multipack, so if you have multiple people you’re shopping for, it’s even less expensive. The fidget cubes are fun for my kids to have around. I like having a few different fidget toys in the car and in the house because sometimes worries are high and we need something to get our mind off things.

Essential Oils. These aren’t a kid item, but essential oils are good for so many people! They’re small and I love the various benefits. Rocky Mountain Oils always has a sale happening (especially in December) and their shipping is quick.

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