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I love fall. I love the sunshiney days, the trees showing their colors, the cooler weather and the overall feeling of excitement with the changing of the seasons.


I do not, however, love the falling leaves. The nighttime that sets in at 5:30 p.m. or the snow on November 1, when we should be experiencing 50s or 60 degree temperatures.

I feel like we’re already changing seasons and winter is here. And winter technically won’t be “here” for another month. I don’t like the transition from fall to winter. The shorter days, the hours I spend mulching and bagging leaves because I have several ginormous oak trees in the yard.

We’re going to attend the holiday parade this morning, and I have plans to collect leaves this afternoon. I had to tell my husband this week that my Saturday plans involved leaves. Put it out there in the universe and it’ll happen, right? (And Sunday we have a 100% chance of rain, so I really need to focus on the leaves on Saturday.)

I love fall. I just don’t love the end of fall, it seems.

Welcome back to another week of Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This is the time where I spend 5 minutes free writing. I usually post this for Saturday morning, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. It’s totally fine.

Want to participate? The rules….

1. Set a timer for five minutes. (Or keep tabs with your computer’s clock.)

2. Write freely. Any topic. Whatever is on your mind. It doesn’t even have to be completely cohesive.

3. Tag on social media with #SOCSaturday or #SOCSunday and link up below. You have all day Saturday and Sunday to join the link up. It closes Monday morning.

4. Click around and give some comment/blog love.

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  1. I agree, I love fall but not when all the beautiful leaves have fallen. We had one huge dead hickory tree in our yard we had to take down before it fell on our house. It still had beautiful leaves and this fall I have missed the bright gold leaves that would fall. It wasn’t too much to rake up but enough for us to play in. There’s a big hole there now and I miss it.

  2. Oh I love fall, too. And it seems like here in NC we get one week of true “fall.” We go from 80 degrees to 30 within 1 week. Hope you got your leaves bagged, and the parade looks amazing.

  3. I am much too busy to concern myself with the gathering of leaves. I just don’t see the point, they make great mulch in the winter & fertilizer when they break down in the spring. I feel for you!!

  4. I linked up on Monday morning, but do plan to do more of them in the coming weeks. There’s something wonderful about freewriting. Thank you so much for reviving this and hosting it.
    I agree, picking up the leaves and the shorter, colder days are not my favorite. I hope y’all get a wee bit more fall before winter officially comes.

  5. I’m a guy… albeit an old guy. I’m retired; have been for five years. I travel a lot with my wife, Kay, who is super vibrant and dynamic in all areas of life. I was “accused” of writing in the style of “Stream of Consciousness” by one of the managers where I used to work. She was an English major in college and knew of the term, and recognized it in my emails. More to point, I love fallen leaves! They give me an “excuse” to buy tools to blow them into piles. They also provide hours of endless fun when my grandson visits and we go stomping through the park and pretend they are slushy, deep alien goop. Fun.

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