successful dessert par-tay

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I held a dessert party as part of my fundraising efforts for Team in Training and I’m calling it a success (I raised around $200 for the evening.) I have a ton of desserts leftover, but there is a school picnic Tuesday night and ceramics class Tuesday night, so I think I’ll be able to get rid of the sweets pretty quickly.

City Bakery donated a peanut butter chocolate torte that was the most coveted dessert of the entire party. I have to give major props to them for outshining my baking skills (and for donating the dessert.) It was pretty fabulous.

Pictures from the evening…..

Covered table. I started baking Saturday night and finished Sunday evening. I’m glad I didn’t bake everything I had planned. I had too much stuff:
I present you with….cake overload!
Apple pie:
Lemon bars (and chocolate mints):
Giant cupcake:
Tiny cupcakes:
How wonderful does this look?
A happy Carol:

So, didn’t make it to the party and still want to help me out? Head over here to make a donation. I’ll be forever grateful. šŸ™‚

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