Summer Camp Must-Haves

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We weren’t really thinking about summer camp until about 2 weeks ago. True story. Now I find myself searching for the summer camp must-haves and getting a little overwhelmed! (It should not be this difficult.)

Regardless of where your child is spending time this summer, a lot of supplies go into summer camp or general summer childcare. It’s important to keep things organized and not mixed up among kids! This is where Name Bubbles comes in.

Summer camp must-haves include...Name Bubbles! Labels for all of your items that you don't want mixed up.

(I recently wrote about Name Bubbles and how they’re helping with our endless supplies of masks. I can rest easy my daughter will more than likely come home with the correct mask each day.)

What are my Summer Camp Must-Haves:

So take my mask anxiety and toss in beach towels, sunscreen, backpacks, clothes, water bottles – and the list goes on. Name Bubbles has a label for you.

Save 20% on your order with the code BUBBLE20 (I have a school pack, kindergarten pack, camp labels and the iron-on labels. We’re covered!)

A few reasons we love Name Bubbles:

  • They’re long lasting
  • They come in an assortment of sizes
  • Really cute designs
  • They are washable

I’ve been able to wash the mask labels repeatedly without the label coming off. The labels I have for the masks are small, and are iron-on.

Not all of the Name Bubbles clothing labels are iron-on labels, which I also love. The washable labels (that just stick) mean that if I forget a shirt until the last minute, I can stick a label on the tag and we’re out the door. This same thing applies to beach towels.

Summer camp must-haves include...Name Bubbles! Labels perfect for sunscreen and water bottles (and clothes, masks, whatever else you can think of.)

The other cool thing? These labels are sunblock-proof. I’m required to send sunblock for my kids and they need to be labeled. This makes it so easy for busy parents to label all the things for their kids and get back to life.

My daughter is in her unicorn phase, so we have all unicorn labels (and the colors are different for a few of the sizes, making it even more fun for her!) My son is almost 10 and getting less childish by the day so I chose sharks for his labels.

My kids have very different needs for the summer since they’re going to different type camps. My daughter’s camp experience will last the entire summer, and she’s only going three days a week. We expect her to get a lot of water play, outdoor time and be very active. Her activities will change day to day, and she just has more things we have to keep up with. I love that the Name Bubbles labels help keep things easier to sort for adults – and they bring some peace of mind to me.

My son will actually be attending a LEGO camp for a week, so less water play, but still fun nonetheless. He will be taking a lunch each day, as well as a water bottle, backpack, his mask and a few other items. While he won’t need a towel labeled with his name, all of the other items will need to be marked appropriately.

Stock up now and save 20% on your order with the code BUBBLE20

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