Sunday fun day. #NaBloPoMo

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I’m watching the American Music Awards while embroidering pajamas. The AMAs are going well. The embroidering could be better. I’m just not having the greatest luck with my machine, which I guess is to be expected since I’ve haven’t really messed with it since last December. This also is a huge reminder to myself why I don’t do well with custom orders. I’m much more of a design/sew/sell girl rather than having other people tell me what they want or expect. šŸ™‚

Our weather was nice yesterday – in the 50s, almost 60. I worked in the yard for a couple of hours, spent time with the boy and we went bowling in the evening. I don’t think it even reached 40 today. It was so blasted cold.

And I don’t have an appropriate maternity coat for winter. Must buy one this week if I have plans on leaving my house in the next 4 months.

After church, we ate lunch out and came home so the boy could nap and my husband could meet a friend to see the new Hunger Games movie (I’m just not into Hunger Games. I had no problems staying home.) But once Lucas woke from his nap, he was all about playing….and I’m worn out.

We’re trying to break Lucas from his sugar habit. We all love sugar, and it’s so hard for him. He keeps telling me certain things aren’t too hard for him to eat, but he doesn’t understand that it’s just bad overall. He’s doing better with drinks. When we were out to lunch he was demanding juice, and went along with me telling him they only had regular milk or water. Ugh.

I have a 2.5-day work week and then I’m off until Monday. (Our offices close at noon on Wednesday. YAY!!) I’m excited for some more downtime. And I hope I can get these pajamas embroidered before we leave town.

Let’s all cross fingers that I find some extra time in my day, ok?

Hope you’ve have an amazing Sunday! (Be sure to enter the huge Target & Amazon gift card giveaway! It ends tomorrow night.)

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