Thankful Thursday when everything is going wrong.

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I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. I feel like it should be next week – or at the very least Friday night. This has been A WEEK. 

(By the way, isn’t our campus pretty in the fall? I do love a good fall photo.) 

Our dishwasher broke. 

We somehow missed the holiday meal at school – thus missing an opportunity to have lunch with our son. (While he didn’t want the holiday meal they served, he did ask us, “why didn’t you come to lunch with me?”)

I missed a doctor appointment because I had the time wrong in my head. 

My allergies are in overdrive and I don’t know how to make them better. 

My Fitbit is giving me fits and not tracking much. It’s getting tougher to charge and I think I may be in the market for a new one.

Our lawn mower is still broken, and I have to drive it 30 minutes to the closest place that might be able to fix it. 

But I’m still thankful. I’m trying, at least. 

1 – The kids are relatively healthy. Nobody has had a fever this week. Our daughter is mostly back to her sleeping-through-the-night self. And her round of antibiotics is over (10 days, y’all. The longest 10 days when you have to force a child to take a medication that really doesn’t taste good.) 

2 – My kitchen is clean! I don’t have any dirty dishes in the sinks (or the dishwasher. Ha!) And I’m proud of myself for being on top of it tonight. 

3 – Black Friday sales have already started, and we can get a pretty decent deal on a dishwasher. Of course, because of the sales, installation is almost two weeks out…so we’ll be hand washing dishes for a while. We could get a repair firm out like David’s Appliance Company , but I’d love a new dishwasher, haha!

4 – My doctor’s office is able to get me in next week, and I wasn’t penalized for losing my mind. 

5 – We’re really close to Friday. And kind of close to Thanksgiving. That means I get 2.5 extra days off, and I could use those right now.

So it really isn’t so bad when you put things in perspective. 

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  1. Well, geez. You have certainly had some challenges this week, but I love how you found and shared some of the good stuff. Here’s to a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  2. This time of year, man. I love it and loathe it, ya know

    I hope the doc can help w. the allergies. I mentioned, I take two meds every single day – they help me live! Esp. w. all the furry babies we have.

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