The story of a dinosaur and an alien (more Halloween photos)

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I downloaded my “real” photos tonight from my camera.

I bought this outfit last year. It was less than $5, and part of the shirt glows in the dark. I thought it was super cute, and I’m not opposed to him wearing it in November.


Doesn’t he look so old standing there? True to form, Chloe had to be tortured dressed up.


An above shot. She was trying to escape.

I thought we could get better photos outside. Have I mentioned we have a ton of leaves? It’s pretty ridiculous.

And then the ridiculously cute dinosaur took off.


We went to the church for the fall festival. My grandma was volunteering, which was convenient. That was one less stop for us on the way home! I’m pretty sure she loves her favorite great grandson (her only great grandchild at the moment.)

They had a lot of games set up for the preschoolers. The baby dinosaur was a fan of the ring toss. He kept taking the blow up pins and carrying them over to my grandma. And crawling away. Of course.


Daddy got in on the crawling action.Ā 

And that concludes our Halloween posts. Until next year.

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