Things I’m Loving {January 2016}

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The things I love change daily, so it makes sense to share some of them on occasion. What appeals to me this month may not have been on my radar a year ago (especially some of the clothes).

I’m loving old friends that come to visit. (I consider Mendie an old friend. We’ve been online friends since before our kids were even conceived – and I love that our kids remember each other now. They’ve met a few times in real life, and will get to see each other more frequently very soon!) These two had a fun time playing with each other, and wreaking havoc in Barnes & Noble, in this particular photo.


Old Navy Maternity Yoga Pants. (<– NOT an affiliate link!!) I think yoga pants are so comfortably anyway, but the maternity version? They’re a little slice of heaven. I normally don’t wear workout/lounge wear all day long, but I found myself wearing yoga pants all day this weekend. (So long that I almost slept in them, but I changed into other lounge pants.) šŸ˜‰

Snow. We had just a trace over the weekend – enough to make my boy happy for an hour. We have a little in the forecast, and I am just hoping that it snows one decent snow – one where he can eat snow and not worry about eating dirt! – before the end of winter.


Jamberry wraps. I sell them, but I wear them all. the. time. I’m loving the Valentine’s Day wraps, and I’m currently wearing Winter’s Edge (these are retired. I bought them last winter.) I think I’m channeling the snow to fall.


Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. I crave grapefruit juice in the morning. My cravings could be worse, I guess.

Cough drops. I’ve gone through a lot of cough drops in the past 6+ weeks. Oh, and an antibiotic, which I finished on Saturday. Yet I am still coughing a lot.


Good hair days. Some days everything falls into place and it must be documented.


(Thanks, Julie, for the idea in posting this!)

What are you loving this month?

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