Toddler Hand Print Turkey Art Project #12projects12months

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We had a recent very cold weekend, and I was doing my best to keep the toddler entertained indoors. While he napped on Sunday afternoon, I made a quick trip to our craft store to restock white card stock. (I ran out in another card project I did recently.) I’ve done some searching for plaster figures he could paint, and so far two craft stores have come up empty for me. He loves painting with me at ceramics class, so I thought we could embark on a different paint project. Hand print turkeys.

Step 1 – get the hand print on card stock.

I made sure the table was covered in newspapers. And the toddler was dressed in old clothes that could get paint on them. I painted his hand with the brown paint, and placed it on the paper, making sure his fingers touched the paper. (Some of our prints came out better than others. And that’s quite all right.) I also couldn’t get a photo of this process as it had the potential to be super messy and stain my walls or furniture.

Step 2 – Paint the beak and legs and feet.

We did enough hand prints for all of the grandparents to have one.

Step 3 – dot the eye, add the child’s name and year.

He’d had enough of painting, so I finished the faces later. I cut the card stock to fit into 5×7 frames, and easy as that, we have a few gifts for the grandparents!

Hand print turkeys for kids – perfect gift for grandparents! (Also fun for scrapbooking.)

1. Get your child’s hand print (I painted my son’s hand, held it and pressed it gently onto the card stock.)
2. Paint a beak, snood (the dangly piece off the beak), legs and feet on your turkey.
3. Dot the eye and write your child’s name and year on the picture.4. Cut the card stock into the size you want to frame – and frame it!

This is project 10 in my quest to complete 12 projects this year. You can see project 1 | project 2 | project 3 | project 4 | project 5 | project 6 | project 7 | project 8 | project 9 in previous posts.

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  1. It’s so hard to keep little ones occupied during bad weather. This is such a great idea and a keepsake that you will enjoy forever. I put my Christmas tree up yesterday and it always such a great time because of all the handmade ornaments that my children made when they are growing up.

  2. I did this last weekend with my toddler when we were cooped up in the house. We didn’t use paint though but traced her hands and colored it in. I love your idea better. πŸ™‚

  3. We don’t celebrate Thanksgving here in Spain, but it’s still a great craft. My daughter loves to paint with her fingers, so we’ll give this a try.

  4. A snood! Ha! I wondered what that little dangly thing was called. πŸ™‚ Love that you framed it, we’ve got framed kid art in the house too. πŸ˜‰

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