My Top 5 Summertime Running/Workout Essentials

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The temps are really getting up there, but my summer workout routine has been heating up more than the 90 degree temperatures we’ve been seeing! To keep things cooler, I have a list of several workout essentials I keep on hand during the summer. As I’ve mentioned before, in order to get my run or workout in, I do a lot of lunchtime workouts. There are other things I would love to get done during my lunch hour (like eating pizza), but in order to save my sanity, I’ve been committing myself to fitness. I have several things I keep in my bag and use on a daily basis: good running shoes, my running clothes, sunscreen, BIC band and Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray

Shoes: I’ve gone as far as keeping an extra (older) pair of shoes in my car, just in case I forget them at home. I even keep an extra pair of socks in my bag now – just ask me how many times I’ve changed clothes and realized I didn’t have socks. 🙂 

BIC Bands: I discovered BIC bands a few years ago and I LOVE them. They keep my hair out of my face, and my hair doesn’t look as messy after a longer run if I have it pulled off my sweaty forehead. Trust me on these. 

Sunscreen: I tend to run outside during lunch – peak sun time. I can’t say enough of about keeping sunscreen in my bag. 

Degree’s UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray deodorant: During the warmer months, I wear a lot of dresses, and I really prefer darker colors (I’m comfortable in these dresses, and they’re a little more forgiving in darker colors.) It can be annoying when deodorant leaves white marks on your darker clothing. I also can’t go without deodorant when my options are exercising in a warm fitness center or going for a long run outdoors. Degree’s UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray deodorant helps prevent white marks on darker clothes (think black and navy) and it also prevents yellow stains on your white shirts/dresses! It also provides up to 48-hour protection against wetness and odor. I’m all about fewer stains on my clothes.

Running clothes: Obviously I need good workout clothes for mid-day! I’ve written about my SparkleSkirts before, but I also have to remember a good tank top and sports bra. 

Because of my schedule, I don’t have time to shower after running during lunchtime. Despite that, all of the items I’ve listed help me not look like a hot sweaty mess when I return. Exhibit A: 

This photo was taken after I’d changed back into my black Carly dress after I had run in the fitness center. Now, I don’t generally do more than 40 minutes of exercise, but I can still get pretty sweaty. (BIC Bands help keep my hair back. Degree UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray Deo helps me feel dry.) 

You can easily find Degree UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray at Walmart. 

Want to learn more about the Degree UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray? Check out my quick video! 

Ready to try the Degree UltraClear?

Do you exercise during lunchtime? What do you keep in your gym bag? 

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