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This was originally published on June 24, 2020 and has been updated because we love this program so much.

I know we’re only a few weeks into summer break, but I am already looking at ways to keep my son from forgetting some of his math skills. Right now, Wonderland Math is offering tutoring (by grade level) for only $1. (Use code LOVEJAIME at checkout to get this special price.) 

When you go to sign up, you’ll actually select a day and time for the math tutoring. My daughter isn’t around on Tuesdays, so my son is able to get some fun math work done on Tuesday afternoons. 

Try Wonderland Math for just $1 for the MONTH and help your child find a love of math!

The benefits of Wonderland Math are: 

  • the interactivity
  • small class size of 4 (or fewer) kids
  • consistent teacher each week
  • they work with Common Core
  • they work with grades 2 through 5
  • it’s online! 

You aren’t losing out if you try it for a month (for $1!) After that, the price increases to $149, but you’re able to cancel at any time. When you sign up, they will also send you a kit with materials and supplies for the class. 

Virtual learning involved math workbooks for us, but with the help of Revolution Math, my son can now get help online with a small class!

This photo? This is my son and husband working in a math workbook a couple months ago. My son had math assignments on his iPad every day, but he finished them so quickly that we knew we had to get him extra work. My husband purchased this workbook a while ago, and while it’s fun, it doesn’t beat interacting with other kids.

I have a feeling that we’ll be doing school virtually again this fall or winter – at least part-time. If that’s the case, I want my son to learn new math skills. The spring semester was a lot of review versus learning new things. My son’s biggest complaint was not learning the next level. He’s been anxious to learn more about fractions, multiplication and division and I feel confident with Wonderland Math he will stay on top of the skills he learned last year, and may even be a little ahead when he starts school again in August. 

Sign up using this link, and the code LOVEJAIME at checkout. You’re essentially paying $.25 per week of sessions, and can cancel at any time. 

STill Using it in 2021

We continued Wonderland Math through the end of the school year! Our school began virtually in August 2020 and went to a part-time in-person schedule before being virtual again. We didn’t go in person, 5 days a week, until late March. We gave our son the option to continue Wonderland Math and we did it until May 2021.

We had an amazing experience! Our son scored in the 99th percentile for his grade – in the state – on his math End of Grade test. He had such a wonderful teacher, but the added help each week didn’t hurt.

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