When all you want to do is travel…go for the lights!

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Traveling longer distances is pretty much out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t havesafe adventures in your own town. This is the time of year where we are used to larger gatherings, parties with neighbors, visiting with family – and this year we did none of that (unless you count Zoom visits.) However, we did start venturing out and checking out various neighborhoods weekly. And when the winter break kicked off, we went even more frequently. 

My daughter calls these night rides, and they’ve become very fun.

Tacky Lights Tour in Richmond, Va

We all load up in the car. Sometimes the kids are wearing pajamas. I have music loaded on my phone or we listen to one of the holiday stations in my car. And then we set off to find a neighborhood that has a lot of lights. We could have paid to do a drive-thru light show, but honestly I’ve heard several poor reviews of wait times. This way is a little easier, cost effective and more of an adventure for all of us. 

My brother lives just outside of Richmond, Virginia and he heard of a Tacky Lights Tour and took himself on the tour recently. What’s cool is that there are maps sectioned off by neighborhoods. For a home to qualify to be part of the tour, the house must have a minimum 40,000 lights. That’s a lot of lights! (This tour goes through December 31.)  

Tacky Lights Tour in Richmond, Va

So how do we make the most of a night ride? 

  • Have the kids change into pajamas
  • Grab some cookies and spill-proof cups of hot chocolate (or chocolate milk, if that your preference.)
  • Load up in your car. Add a blanket in the back for the kids if it’s a cooler night.
  • Set out for a new neighborhood to explore! 

Tacky Lights Tour in Richmond, Va

The best part of this is you could even be home by 8pm. 🙂 

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