Ways to save on winter road trips

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Road trips don’t have to be saved for summer. Winter can be a great time to take a trip – and save money while doing so! 

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In my younger years, I used to take most of my trips and vacations in the winter months. It worked best for me, and things have changed so much (such as AirBNB being incredibly wide known) that it can be a less expensive way to travel! Below are a few things I would consider when planning your next winter road trip. 

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Drive! You will have more control over your trip if you’re able to drive yourself. And the costs are less (especially if you’re taking your family somewhere.) Gas and maintenance need to be taken into account, but when you’re considering 3-4 people in your party, car travel is definitely a great way to cut costs. 


Look at package deals. Is a hotel offering a discount or packaging meals into the overall cost? 

Better yet, check out AirBNB or VRBO. We’ve stayed at a condo using VRBO once, and we’ve opted for AirBNB several times. The houses and condos tend to be more comfortable, and we can cook our own meals, which cuts down on costs again. A lot of owners will give you an off-season rate if you aren’t staying with them during the late spring/summer months. 

Book your attraction tickets in advance. You can also check out deals sites for deals in the town you’ll be visiting. This past summer we booked a pass that allowed us to see five big attractions over the course of a week. You can do a quick google search to check for these types of sites in the town you’re visiting. 

Pack your snacks and some groceries. You’ll save so much money by bringing food along with you. Also, bring a water bottle. (It’s earth-friendly AND you can fill up at water fountains!) 

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